Wednesday February 1st 2017

A)Every 2min/7 Sets
2-4 Atls Stone Lifts B)AMRAP 30min @ 75% Intensity 500m Row 25 Burpees 500m Row 25 Ring Rows 500m Row 50KB Americanos 40/28kg C)4 Sets 6/sd 90 Rubber Band External Shoulder Rotations

Tuesday January 31st 2017

A)12min EMOM 5 Box Jumps AHAP Alt With 3 Dips (3/0/1/0) B)8 Sets (build to a heavy weight) 3 Front Squats C)Every 1:30/7 Sets 3 Bench Press Alt With 3/sd Split Squats

Monday January 30th 2017

A)Every 1:30/7 Sets 1 Push Press 1 Push Jerk 1 Split Jerk Alt With 3/sd DB Single Leg SLDL B)Every 1:30/7 Sets 6/sd Single Leg SBHC Alt With 6 Wide Grip Ring Rows (4 sec Tempo) C)10sec on 50sec off/Bike Sprints

Friday January 27th 2017

A)Every 2:30/7 Sets 6 Back Squats 1 Rope Climb to the Rafters B)Every 2:30/7 Sets 6/sd Walking Lunges 12 Kipping Pull Ups C)5/200m Row Sprints 2min Rest

Thursday January 26th 2017

A)28min EMOM 6 Incline DB Chest Press 6 Modified Rows 12 T2B 2-4 Atlas Stone Lifts B)3 Rnds @ Mod Intensity 3min Bike 3min Row

Wednesday January 25th 2017

A)10 Sets (Build to a heavy weight)
6 PWR Cleans

B)Every 1:15/6 Sets
6 L Hand DB Rows
Alt With
6 R Hand DB Rows

C)15min EMOM
6 Box Jumps AHAP
Alt With
6 L KB Swing Snatch
Alt With
6 R KB Swing Snatch

Tuesday January 24th 2015

A)Every 1:30/6 Sets 6 Bench Press Alt With 40 Zeus Rope DBL Unders B)Every 1:30/6 Sets 6 Dips Alt With 6 GHD Hamstring Curls/12 SBHC C)Every 2:30/6 Sets 6 Weighted Sit Ups 100' L DB Farmer Carry
100' R DB Farmer Carry

Monday January 23rd 2017

A)Every 2min/8 Sets (Build to a Heavy Weight) 6 BB DL B)Every 1:30/6 Sets 6 Reverse Grip Pull Ups Alt With 6 Handstand Push Ups or 6 Military Press C)For Time: 1000m Row

Thursday January 19th 2017

A)Every 2min/7 Sets
6/sd BB Step Forward Lunges

B)Every 1:30/8 Sets
1 Push Jerk
1 Split Jerk

PWR Cleans @ 65%1RMC+J
HSPU or Shoulder to Overhead

Wednesday January 18th 2017

A)Every 1:15/7 Sets
3 Pull Ups (weighted if possible)
Alt With
3 Ring Dips

B)Every 1:15/7 Sets
3/sd Atlas Stone Lap To Shoulder Lifts
Alt With
6 Modified Prone Grip Rows

12min EMOM
8/sd DB Plank Drag
100' DB Farmer Carry

Tuesday January 17th 2017

A)Every 2:30/7 Sets
6/sd Single Leg DB SLDL
3 Bench Press

B)Every 2:30/7 Sets
3/sd Single Arm DB Rows
Max Reps T2B

C)For Time:
300DBL Unders
50 Burpees

Monday January 16th 2017

A)Every 1:30/10 Sets (build to a heavy weight) 2 PWR Cleans 3 Front Squats B)Every 1:15/6 Sets
3 Military Press
Alt With
2 Rope Climbs

C)100cal Bike

Friday January 13th 2017

A)Every 2:30/6 Sets 10 DH Reverse Grip Pull Ups 10 DB Shoulder Press B)Every 2:30/ 6 Sets 10 BB SLDL 40 Zeus Rope DBL Unders C)Every 2:30/4 Sets 10 Reverse Hyper Extensions 10/sd DB Ext Rotations

Thursday January 12th 2017

A)Every 3min/7 Sets
10/sd Front Rack Step Back Lunges
Max Reps Push Ups

B)12min EMOM
10 Left Single Arm DB Rows
Alt With
10Right Single Arm DB Rows

C)Every 1:15/6 Sets
100' Two Hand Farmer Carry
Alt With
20 Prone Shoulder Touches

Wednesday January 11th 2017

A)40min Constant Work
2min Ski Erg
2min Bike
2min Run
2min Box Jumps
2min AMRAP
5 Burpees
5 PWR Cleans @ 50%1RM

Tuesday January 10th 2017

A)Every 3min/6 Sets 10 Kipping Pull Ups 100' Sled Push B)Every 3min/6 Sets 10 GHD Hamstring Curls or 10 SBHC
10 HSPU C)10min Row @ 75% Effort

Monday January 9th 2017

A)Find a 1RM
Back Squat

B)18min EMOM
10 DB Chest Press
10 Bent Over BB Rows
6-8/sd Bridge DB Drag

C)10min Row @ 75% Effort

Wednesday January 4th 2017

A)Every 1:15/6 Sets Over Bar Atlas Stone Lifts Alt With 40 Zeus Rope DBL Unders B)Every 1:15/6 Sets 2 Rope Climbs @ 15' Alt With
6 Box Jumps AHAP

C)15min EMOM
100' L Hand Farmer Carry
Alt with
100' R Hand Farmer Carry
Alt With
45sec Bridge

Tuesday January 3rd 2017

A)Every 1:30/8 Sets
1 Military Press
1 Push Press
1 Push Jerk
1 Split Jerk

B)Every 2min/7 Sets
12 T2B

C)For Time:
100 Push Ups
100 J.Lunges

Monday January 2nd 2017

A)Every 2min/8 Sets (build to a heavy weight)
5 Front Squats

B)Every 1:15/6 Sets
5 Hang Cleans @ 65%1RM C+J
Alt With
5 DH Pull Ups

C)12min EMOM
5 L Single Arm DB Rows
Alt With
5 R Single Arm DB Rows