Thursday December 22nd 2016

A)Every 1:30/10 Sets 1 Hang Clean/1Hang Squat Clean/2 Push Jerk (build to a heavy weight) B)Every 1:30/6 Sets 3 Snatch Grip High Pull @100%1RMSN C)Every 1:30/5 Sets 5/sd Single Leg Stability Ball Hamstring Curls

Wednesday December 21st 2016

A)Every 1:15/6 Sets Max HSPU Alt With 30sec Triple or Double Under Practice B)Every 1:30/6 Sets 2-4 Bar Over Atlas Stone Throws Alt With Max Reps Ring Dips C)For Time: Hang Grip Test

Tuesday December 20th 2016

A)25min AMRAP 10 Cal Bike 10 Front Squats @50%1RMFS 10 T2B B)5 Sets 10/sd DB External Rotations

Monday December 19th 2016

A)Every 1:15/7 Sets 1 Hang Snatch/1 Snatch Balance/2 OHS Complex @ 65%1RM Snatch Alt With 1 Muscle Up/3 DH Pull Ups B)Every 1:15/7 Sets 3 Bench Press (build to heavy weight) Alt With 2 Rope Climbs

Friday December 16th 2016

A)Every 2min/10 Sets 1 Hang PWR Clean 2 Touch and Go PWR Cleans Max Reps HSPU/5 Push Press B)1-10 Kipping Pull Ups Burpees C)5 Sets 10 Reverse Hyperextensions

Thursday December 15th 2016

A)Every 2min/8 Sets (Build to a heavy set) 3 BB Front Squats B)Every 1:15/6 Sets Max Reps Ring Dips
Alt With
100' 2 Hand Farmer Carry C)10sec on 50sec off for 10min Air Bike D)4 Sets 5/sd DB Ext Shoulder Rotation

Wednesday December 14th 2016

A)45min Constant Work at 75% Intensity 3min Bike 3min Row
5 Hang Squat Snatch try to link reps (50% 1RM) 1:30min Bridge 1:30min Box Jumps

Tuesday December 13th 2016

A)Every 1:15/6 Sets 5 Military Press
Alt With
2-4 Atlas Stone Lifts B)Every 1:15/6 Sets 2 Rope Climb/5 DH Pull Ups Alt With 6 BB SLDL C)10min EMOM
10 Triple Unders
Alt With
5/sd Single Arm DB Rows

Monday December 12th 2016

A)12min EMOM %75%1RM C+J 2 Clean and Jerk Alt With 10 T2B B)8min AMRAP Ladder 2,2,2,4,4,4,6,6,6,8,8,8,ect BB Front Rack Step Back Lunges 135/95 Bar Jump Burpees Push Ups

Friday December 9th 2016

A)10 Sets 1 PWR Clean 2 Split Jerk B)21min EMOM 10 Wall Balls 2 DL/2 Hang Squat Clean @70%1RM Clean
10 T2B

Thursday December 8th 2016

A)Find a 1RM DH Pull Ups B)RE90sec/7R (Build to a heavy weight) 5/sd Walking Lunges Alt with 5 BB Bent Over Rows C)12min EMOM 10 Leg Drops 10 SB HC

Wednesday December 7th 2016

A)8 Sets 1 OHS B)9min EMOM (3 sets at 75% 1RM) 2 Touch and Go PWR Snatch C)10min EMOM Max Push Ups 50 DBL Unders

Tuesday December 6th 2016

A)48min Constant Movement at 75% Intensity 3min Bike 3min Row 3min Run 1min Step Down Box Jumps 1min KB Russian Swings 30sec L Bridge 30sec R Bridge

Monday December 5th 2015

A)Find a 1RM 1 Hang Clean to Thruster B)12min EMOM 5 5" Deficit HSPU 5 Prone Grip Wide Grip Rows C)10min Air Bike at 75% effort

Friday December 2nd 2016

A)Every 1:30/10 Sets 1 PWR Clean 1 Front Squat 1 Push Jerk 1 Split Jerk B)Every 2min/8 Sets 5 Back Squats C)For Time: 50 Burpees 50 Cal Bike