Thursday July 28th 2016

A)Every 2:30/8 Sets
10 Kipping Pull Ups
5 Box Jumps

B)7min EMOM
5/sd KB Snatch

C)7min EMOM
5 DB Biceps Curls

C)Every 3min/6 Sets
100' Sled Push
10 Burpees

Wednesday July 27th 2016

A)Every 2min/8 Sets
5 Back Squats

B)Every 1:30/6 Sets
5 Military Press
Alt With
50' L Farmer Carry
50' R Farmer Carry

C)Every 1:15/6 Sets
5 Dips

D)Every 1:15/6 Sets
5 Back Extensions

Tuesday July 26th 2016

A)10min Run

B)24min EMOM
10 Push Ups
8 Cal Ski Erg
10 Russian Swings @ 40/28
5/sd Single Arm Rows

C)10min Row

Monday July 25th 2016

A)Every 1:30/10 Sets
2 Clean and Split Jerk

B)Every 1:30/6 Sets
2 Rope Climbs/ 5 DH Pull Ups
Alt With
5/sd BB Front Rack Step Back Lunges

C)10min EMOM
15 T2B
Alt With
10 Stability Ball Hamstring Curls

Friday July 22nd 2016

10 Thrusters @ 50% Max Thruster
10 Burpees
2min Rest

B)Every 2:30/6 Sets
7/sd DB Split Squats

C)10min EMOM
7 Back Extensions
Alt with
7 DB Side Lateral Raises

Thursday July 21st 2016

A)Every 2:30/6 Sets
7/sd Single Arm DB Rows
Max Hand Release Push Ups

B)Every 2:30/6 Sets
7 BB Biceps Curls
50 DBL Unders

C)Every 1:15/6 Sets
7/sd DB External Shoulder Rotations
Alt With
7 Box Jumps (As high as possible)

Wednesday July 20th 2016

A)10sets (build to a heavy weight)
1 Hang Clean
1 Squat  Clean
1 Front Squat
2 KB Snatch
2 KB Front Squat
then switch arms

B)28min EMOM
10cal SKI Machine
15 GHD Sit Ups
15 Cal Bike
50'sd Farmer Carry 125/85

Tuesday July 18th 2016

A)Every 3min/6 Sets as fast as possible
Max HSPU/10 BB Push Press @ 50% 1RM C+J
200m Row

B)Every 2min/6 Sets
14 Kipping Pull Ups
7 DB SP (supine to prone grip)

C)12min EMOM
7 Wide Grip Ring Rows
Alt With
7 Back Extensions

Monday July 18th 2016

A)Every 2min/8 Sets (build to a heavy weight)
7 Back Squats

B)Every 1:30/6 Sets
7 DB Chest Press
Alt With
Max T2B

C)Every 2min/6 Sets
7 Triceps Dips
14 Butterfly Sit Ups

Friday July 15th 2016

A)Every 1:30/7 Sets  3/0/1/0 Tempo
3/sd BB Step Back Lunges
Alt With
3 DB Biceps Curls

B)Every 1:30/7 Sets 3/0/1/0 Tempo
Alt With
3 BB Skull  Crushers

C)12min EMOM
50 DBL Unders
Alt With
10 Burpees

Thursday July 14th 2016

A)10 Sets (Build to your heaviest weight)
1 PWR Clean
1 Squat Clean

B)Every 1:15/7 Sets
3 Prone Grip Pull Ups (3/0/1/0 Tempo)
Alt With
3/sd KB Hang Cleans

C)10min EMOM
Alt With
1 Rope Climb

Wednesday July 13th 2016

A)AMRAP 30min @ 75% Intensity
500m Row
50 Burpees
500m Row
50 Ring Rows
500m Row
50KB Americanos 40/28kg

B)4 Sets
6/sd 90 Rubber Band External Shoulder Rotations

Tuesday July 12th 2016

A)12min EMOM
5 Box Jumps AHAP
Alt With
3 Dips (3/0/1/0)

B)8 Sets (build to a heavy weight)
3 Front Squats

C)Every 1:30/7 Sets
3 Bench Press
Alt With
3/sd Split Squats

Monday July 11th 2016

A)Every 1:30/7 Sets
1 Push Press
1 Push Jerk
1 Split Jerk
Alt With
3/sd DB Single Leg SLDL

B)Every 1:30/7 Sets
6/sd Single Leg SBHC
Alt With
6 Wide Grip Ring Rows (4 sec Tempo)

C)10sec on 50sec off/Bike Sprints

Friday July 8th 2016

A)Every 2:30/8 Sets
6 Back Squats
2 Rope Climbs

B)Every 2:30/6 Sets
6/sd Walking Lunges
Alt With
12 Kipping Pull Ups

C)5/200m Row Sprints 2min Rest

Thursday July 7th 2016

A)28min EMOM
20 Air Squats
10 Ring Rows
10 Burpees
2/sd Turkish Get Ups

B)5 Rnds @ Mod Intensity
2min Bike
2min Row

Wednesday July 6th 2016

A)Every 1:30/6 Sets
6 Bench Press
Alt With
70 DBL Unders

B)Every 1:30/6 Sets
6 Dips
Alt With
6 GHD Hamstring  Curls/12 SBHC

C)Every 2:30/6 Sets
5 Weighted Sit Ups
30sec L Bridge
30sec R Bridge

Tuesday July 4th 2016

A)10 Sets (Build to a heavy weight)
5 PWR Cleans

B)9min EMOM 75% 1RM Snatch
1 Hang Squat Snatch
1 Squat Snatch

C)10min EMOM
10 Box Jumps
10 KB Americano's

Monday July 4th 2016

A)Every 2min/8 Sets (Build to a Heavy Weight)

B)Every 1:30/6 Sets
6 Reverse Grip Pull Ups or Parallel Grip Pull Ups on Assisted Machine
Alt With
6 Handstand Push Ups or 6 Military Press

C)4 Sets
6/sd DB External Shoulder Rotation