Tuesday August 31st 2021

 A)6 Sets
10 Inc DB CP Prone Grip Pull Ups B)6 Sets 10 Incline Prone KB Rows 10 Parallel Grip DB Skull Crushers B)6 Sets
10 SB In Outs 10 Back Extensions

Friday August 27th 2021

48min Constant Work
3min Bike
25 Americanos
3min Row
2x EMOM Burpees
3min Ski
2x EMOM J.Squats

Thursday August 26th 2021

A)6 Sets
8/sd Single Leg SLDL

B)6 Sets
100'Sled Pull
8/sd Single Arm Ring Rows

200' DB Farmer Carry
12 Back Extensions

Wednesday August 25th 2021

8/sd BB Split Squats 

8 Military Press

C)12min EMOM
8 L SA DB Rows
Alt With
8 R SA DB Rows

Tuesday August 24th 2021

A)E2M/7R 8 BB SLDL (build to heavy wt) B)24min EMOM 
T2B 8 Inc DB CP DH Prone Grip Pull Ups Burpees C)4 Sets  
10/sd DB External Shoulder Rotations 

Monday August 23rd 2021

8 Back Squats 
B)9R 1 Hang Squat Clean (above knee) 1 Hang Squat Clean (just below knee) 1 Split jerk C)6R Wall Walks 
Rope Climbs  

Friday August 20th 2021

 A)21min EMOM
8 Box Jumps
50' Rope Sled Pull/50' Rope Sled Pull

B)21min EMOM
Bike Erg
15 Americanos
Push Ups

Wednesday August 18th 2021

4 Swing Cleans 
2 Push Press 4 Swing Cleans 2 Front Squats B)6R 6 INC DB CP 1 Rope Climb (legless decent) C)For Time: 4x Cal Ski 4x Cal Armless Bike 4x Burpees

Tuesday August 17th 2021

100' Sled Pull  
8 Ring Dips/Stationary Dips B)6R DBL Unders 8/sd SA DB Rows C)5R 8 STEDP T2R

Monday August 16th 2021

8/sd Deficit SBL 
B)E2:15/6R 6 GHD HC C2B C)30sec ON/90sec OFF Bike Sprints (3rnds) Row Sprints (3rnds)

Thursday August 12th 2021

  5x Cal Bike
100 Walking Lunges 
5x Cal Ski 50 Kipping Pull Ups 5x Cal Row 50 Push Ups 5x Cal Bike 100 Air Squats 5x Cal Ski 100 Russian Swings 5x Cal Row 1mi Run or 5x Cal Bike

Wednesday March 11th 2021

6 Back Squats
6/sd Single Arm DB Push Press

B)18min EMOM
6 Burpee Box Jump Overs
T2Bar or Rings
DBL Unders 

Monday August 9th 2021

 A)7 Sets
6/sd DB Box Step Ups
B)6R 6 DB Chest Press Alt With Rope Climbs C)5 Sets 12 RCWLD 30sec/sd Side Plank

Friday August 6th 2021

A)50min Constant Work 3min Bike 
2 RNDS 30 Air Squats Bar Muscle Ups/Kipping Pull Ups 3min Row 2 RNDS 7 Devil Presses 1 Rope Climb

Thursday August 5th 2021

6/sd single arm dumbbell rows
6 parallel grip tricep skull crushers

6/sd KB Swing Snatch

8/sd Side Plank elbow touch
10 Stability Ball In outs

Wednesday August 4th 2021

6 Bench Press 50' Rope Sled Pull B)6R
6 Back Squat
6/sd Single Arm Db Push Press C)6R 6 Incline KB Rows 12 T2B

Tuesday August 3rd 2021

6/sd Deficit BB Step Back Lunges B)E2:15/6R 10 Hanging Knees To Elbows 6 DB Incline Chest Press C)E2:15/6R Max Ring Dips 50 DBL Unders