Thursday July 31st 2014

A)7 Sets
BB Front Rack Step Back Lunges x 6
Double Unders  x 20

B)7 Sets
BB DL x 6
Rebound Box Jumps x 12

C)4 Sets
DB Ext Shoulder Rotations x 6

Wednesday July 30th 2014

A)5 Sets
Pike Press x Max Reps

B)For Time:
40 Wall Balls 20/14
20 Pull Ups
30 Wall Balls
15 Pull Ups
20 Wall Balls
10 Pull Ups
10 Wall Balls
5 Pull Ups


Monday Sept 28th 2014

A)8 Sets
BB Front Squats x 6
Prone Knees To Elbows x 20

B)8min Run For Distance


Friday July 24th 2014

A)7 Sets
Bent Over DB Rows x 10
Ring Dips x Max Reps

B)3min AMRAP
5 Box Jumps 36/28
10 SDHP 95/55
90sec Rest
3 Cycles

Thursday July 23rd 2014

Hey Guys
Check out Tamra's 155lb 4RM Front Squat. Nice Job bud. It looks like you still had some room to go. Lets go 165 next time.

10 Pull Ups
20 Wall Balls 20/14
20/sd Wall Ball Step Back Lunges 20/14 (hold the ball any way you like)

B)4 Sets
20/sd Side V Pikes
20 Med Ball V Sit Rotations

Wednesday July 23rd 2014

Hey Guys
Check this out. Jay Barkley crushing a 425lb deadlift. Nice one bud.

A)5 Sets
Clean Grip High Pull x 4

B)8 Sets
Hang Clean + Push Jerk + 2 + 3

C)5 Sets
BB Front Squats x 4

Tuesday July 22nd 2014

Hi Everyone
Here is a quick little video of Louise deadlifting 185lbs for 3 reps. This is her personal best EVER. Way to go Louise!! I'm really proud of all your hard work and dedication. You are an inspiration to all of us.

A)Find a 3RM (8 Sets)
BB Chest Press
Weighted Sit Ups x 10 after every set of Chest press

B)7/200m Run Sprints For Time
1min Rest

C)5 Sets
10 Back Extensions with Hammy Curl

Wednesday July 16th 2014

A)6 Sets
BB Front Squats x 6

300m Run (.18 Mile)
20 (10/arm) KB Clean 24/16
20 KB Squats
20 KBS

Tuesday July 15th 2014

A)6 Sets
Dead Hang Weighted Pull Ups x 4

B)3min AMRAP
5 Push Press 115/65
10 Box Jumps 24/20
15 Sit Ups
90sec Rest
4 Cycles

Monday July 14 2014

A)5 Sets
DB Split Squats x 6

B)14min AMRAP
4 BB DL 225/155
8 Push Ups
16 DBL Unders

Wednesday July 9th 2014

A)7 Sets
DB Chest Press x 7
Weighted Sit Ups x 10

B)7 Sets
Push Ups x MR
Supine Jack Knives x 14

C)1000m Row For Time: 

Tuesday July 8th 2014

A)8 Sets
BB Hang Cleans x 4

8 BB Front Rack Step Back Lunges/sd (115/65)
8 Bar Jump Burpees

Monday July 7th 2014

A)3min AMRAP
12 BB Thrusters (95/55)
12 Double unders
1 min off then
3min AMRAP
12 Sit ups
12 Push Press (95/55)
4 Cycles

Thursday July 3rd 2014

A)Find a 4RM
BB Chest Press

B)10min AMRAP
5 Clapping Push Ups
10 Box Jumps 24/20
15 BB DL 135/95