Wednesday October 31st 2018

5/sd Split Squats
5/sd Single Arm DB Rows
then Switch Sides B)E1:15/7R 2 Rope Climbs Alt With 10 BB SLDL C)10-1
Bar Touch Burpees

Tuesday October 30th 2018

A)E1:30/8R 3 DL 1 Hang Squat Clean to Thruster 1 Push Jerk 1 Split Jerk B)E2M/6R Max Ring Dips 10 Biceps Curls C)E3M/5R 250m Row Sprint 50 DBL Unders

Monday October 28th 2018

A)E3M/6R (all 3 exercises in a row) 10 DB Front Rack Walking Lunges T2B HSPU B)E1:15/6R (build to a heavy wt) 3 Bench Press Alt With 10 Bent Over DB Rows

C)8min Max Cal on Bike

Friday October 26th 2018

40min AMRAP (at mod to high Int)
500m Row
200 Skips
25/sd Single Arm DB Push Press (alternate any way you want)
100 Air Squats
500m Ski

Thursday October 25th 2018

5 Military Press


100' L Farmer Carry
100' R Farmer Carry
10 RB Holding Leg Drops

Wednesday October 24th 2018

E3M/6R Kipping Ring Pull Ups 20 DB Walking Lunges B)E3M/6R 5/sd Single Arm Ring Rows T2B C)For Time: 75 Box Jumps 50 KB Americanos 25 Cal Ski

Tuesday October 23rd 2018

1-4 Sandbag Lifts
50 DBL Unders

Push Ups (to failure)

C)30sec on 90sec Off
Row Sprints

Monday October 22nd 2018

A)E2M/8R (build to a heavy wt) 2 Back Squats B)E2M/7R
Bar Muscle Ups C)Every 1:15/6 Sets (build to a heavy wt) 5 Incline BB Chest Press Alt With 5/sd DB Rows"

Friday October 19th 2018

48min Constant Work
3min Row
3min Skipping
3min Bike
3min AMRAP
20 J.Lunges
100' KB Front Rack Farmer Carry (use 2 of the heaviest bells you can)
100' KB Normal Farmer Carry (use 2 of the heaviest bells you can)"

Thursday October 18th 2018

6-10 GHD HC 50 Zeus DBL Unders

Kipping Pull Ups
7 Incline DB Chest Press

C)10min EMOM
7 L Single Arm Ring Rows
Alt With
7 R Single Arm Ring Rows

Wednesday October 17th 2018

A)E2M/7R1 Clean
7 Front Squats
7/sd Single Arm DB Push Press

Max Ring Dips
Alt With
7 EZ Bar Curls

10 T2B
10 Bar Touch Burpees

Tuesday October 16th 2018

A)E2M/6R (build to a heavy wt)
3 Military Press 
6 DB Bent Over Rows

2 Rope Climbs
6 Box Jump Overs (dont touch box)

C)5 Rounds
30sec on @ 90% Intensity
90sec Off
Bike Sprints

Monday October 15th 2018

A)E3M/6R5 Reverse Grip C2B
5/sd DB Deficit SBL

B)7min EMOM
7 BB Hang Cleans

C)7min EMOM
Push Ups

D)7min EMOM
15 Reverse Hyper Extensions

Friday October 12th 2018

A)15min EMOM
50' Sled Push to Drag 6-10 GHD HC 6/sd KB Cleans

B)15min EMOM 10 BB DL 6 Dips Cal Ski

10/sd Ext Shoulder Rotation
20 Body WT Calf Raises

Thursday October 11th 2018

A))E1:15/9R (3@195,205,215) 5/sd Deficit SBL C)Every 1:15/6 Sets 8 DB Shoulder Press (build to a heavy wt) 10 Stability Ball In Outs C)12min EMOM 8 Left Arm Single Arm Ring Rows Alt With 8 Right Arm Single Arm Ring Rows

Wednesday October 10th 2018

A)E2M/8R 5 Linked BB PWR Cleans
5 Push Press B)E3M/4R 100 DBL Unders
6 Over Shoulder Med Ball Throws C)5RFT Butterfly Pull Ups 10 Americanos @ 32kg Cal Ski 1min Rest

Tuesday October 9th 2018

A)E2M/8R 3 Back Squats B)E2:30/6R 8 BB SLDL 8 Incline DB Chest Press C)8min AMRAP 10 T2B 5 Burpees 20 J.Lunges

Friday October 5th 2018

A)45min EMOM
8 L Deficit Step Back Lunges 
8 Right Deficit Step Back Lunges
8 BB Skull Crushers
30sec Plank with a plate on your lower back
8 Box Jumps (AHAP)

Thursday October 4th 2018

A)Every 1:30/10 Sets
4 PC

Bar Muscle Ups

Back Extensions
Alt With
10 Stability Ball In and Outs

Wednesday October 3rd 2018

A)Every 2min/8 Sets (build to a heavy wt)
3 Military Press

B)7min EMOM
Ring Dips

C)7min EMOM

D)7min EMOM
10 Burpees

Tuesday October 2nd 2018

Rev Grip Pull Ups
50' Sled Push

B)21min EMOM
20 J.Lunges
10 T2B
10 KB Americanos

C)7min EMOM
Deficit Push Ups