Monday November 30th 2015

A)6 Sets

B)4 min AMRAP
10cal Row
10 BB Thrusters 95/65
4min Rest
2 Cycles

Friday November 27th 2015

For Time:
500M Row
100 Step Back Lunges
500M Row
75 Wall Ball (20/14)
500M Row
50 Push Ups
500M Row

Monday November 23rd 2015

A)8 Sets
5 Front Squat

B)20min EMOM
15 Wall Balls 20/14
5 Muscle Ups/5 Pull Ups
10 Box Jumps 24/20
10 Americano's 28/20

Friday November 20th 2015

A)10 Sets
2 Snatch

B)18min EMOM
10 Pull Ups
5 Box Jumps (30/24)
Reverse Crunch w/ Leg Drop x 10

Wednesday November 18th 2015

10 Modified Rows

B) 4 Rounds For Time:
10 T2B
20 Russian Swings 32/24
30 Cal Air Bike
rest 2 mins

Monday November 16th 2015

20 DBL Unders
10 BB Thrusters (115/75)
1min Rest

B)7 Sets
5/sd Single Arm DB Rows

B)4 Sets
5/sd 90degree DB External Rotations

Friday November 13th 2015

Deadlifts x 10

DB Shoulder Press x 6
GHD Hamstring Curls x Max Reps

C)8 sets bike sprints
30sec on
1min off

Thursday November 12th 2015

Dips x 10
Weighted Sit Ups x 10

16 Americano's 28/20
16 J.Lunges
8 Pull Ups
1min Rest

Tuesday November 10th 2015

A)10 sets
1 Hang Clean
1 PWR Clean
2 Push Jerk

B)5 Sets
1 Sled Push @ Body Weight
1 Sled Pull
1 Sled Push
1 Sled Pull

Monday November 9th 2015

A)8 Sets
5 BB Back Squats

B)8 Sets
5 BB Chest Press
10 KB Supine Jack Knives

C)75 Back Extensions

Wednesday November 4th 2015

A)15min Row For Distance

B)8  Sets
4 Dead Hang Pull Ups (weighted if possible)
8 Box Jumps (AHAP)

C)5 Sets
Max Reps GHD Sit Ups

Tuesday November 3rd 2015

A)21min EMOM
2 Clean and Jerk (build to a medium weight then start workout)
15 Wall Balls 20/14
10 Burpees

B)Air Bike
10sec On at Maximum Intensity
50sec off
10 sets

Monday November 2nd 2015

A)Find a 3RM

B)8 Sets
2 Hang Snatch
Max Reps Ring Dips

C)4 Sets
5/sd DB Ext Shoulder Rotation