Wednesday June 1st 2016

A)6 Sets
5 HSPU or 5 Military Press

B)7 Sets
15cal Row
10 BB Thrusters 115/75
2min Rest
7 Sets

Tuesday May 31st 2016

A)20min AMRAP (do not go all out)
10cal Air Bike
10 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups

AMREP GHD Sit Ups or 1min on 1min off bridge

Thursday May 26th 2016

A)8 Sets
5 Dead Hang Reverse Grip Pull Ups
10 Box Jumps (AHAP)

B)6 Sets
5/sd Single Arm Rows
30sec L Side Bridge
30sec R Side Bridge

C)4 Sets
5/sd DB Ext Rotations
10 Leg Drops

Wednesday May 25th 2016

A)12min EMOM
5 Hang PWR Clean @ 55% 1RM C+J
30 DBL Unders

B)12min EMOM
10 Wall Balls (biggest ball possible)
5/sd Front Rack Step Back Lunges @ 55% 1RM C+J

C)12min EMOM
100' Sled Push @ Body Weight
10 Burpees

Tuesday May 24th 2016

A)Find a 1RM
Bench Press

5 DB Shoulder Press

C)5min Row then 5min Bike at High Intensity

Friday May 20th 2016

A)Every 1:30, Alternate Exercises, 6 Sets
3 Atlast Stone Lifts to chest height
Alt with
Max Push Ups

B)6 Sets
5/sd BB Step Back Lunges

C)8min EMOM
10 T2B

Thursday May 19th 2016

A)Find a 1RM Clean and Jerk

10 Supine Jacknives

C)2000m Row at 75% Intensity

Wednesday May 18th 2016

A)12min EMOM
1 Rope Climb or 5 Kipping Pull Ups
5 HSPU (5" Deficit) or 5 BB Shoulder Press (85% 1RM C+J)

B)12mim EMOM
1 Muscle Up/5 Dips
10 KB Americano's

C)12min EMOM
30s side bridge each side
40 DBL Unders

Tuesday May 17th 2016

35min Aerobic Workout at 75% (DO NOT BLOW UP)
5min Per Round
20 Walll Balls
15 Sit Ups
10 Burpees
Remaining time of 5min on the air bike or running if it is nice.
1min Rest
6 Rounds

Monday May 16th 2016

A)8 Sets (Build to a heavy weight)
3 Back Squats

B)9 Sets (3 Sets at 65/70/75% 1RM Snatch
2 Touch and Go PWR Snatch

C)6 Sets
5 DB Chest Press
5 DB Bent Over Rows

Friday May 13th 2016

A)10 Sets
1 Hang PWR Clean
2 Touch and Go PWR Cleans
2 Push Jerk

B)12min EMOM
10 Kipping Pull Ups
10 Burpees

C)5 Sets
10 Back Extensions on GHD

Thursday May 12th 2016

A)8 Sets (Build to a heavy set)
5 BB Front Squats

B)8 Sets

C)10sec on 50sec off for 10min
Air Bike

D)4 Sets
5/sd DB Ext Shoulder Rotation

Wednesday May 11th 2016

A)36min Constant Work at 75% Intensity
3min Bike
3min Row
1min Bridge
1min Box Jumps
5 Hang Squat Snatch try to link reps (50% 1RM)

Tuesday May 10th 2016

A)8 Sets
5 Military Press
10 T2B

B)10min EMOM
1 Rope Climb/5 DH Pull Ups

C)5min Max DBL Unders

Monday May 9th 2016

A)9min EMOM
1 Hang Clean
1 Clean
2 Push Jerk

B)8min  AMRAP Ladder 2,2,2,4,4,4,6,6,6,8,8,8,ect
BB Front Rack Step Back Lunges 135/95
Bar Jump Burpees
Push Ups

Friday May 6th 2016

A)10 Sets
1 PWR Clean
2 Split Jerk

B)21min EMOM
10 Wall Balls
50' Bear Crawl
10 T2B

Thursday May 5th 2015

A)Find a 1RM
DH Pull Ups

B)RE90sec/7R (Build to a heavy weight)
5/sd Walking Lunges
Alt with
5 BB Bent Over Rows

C)12min EMOM
10 Leg Drops
10 SB HC

Wednesday May 4th 2016

A)8 Sets

B)RE90sec/10R (3 sets at 75% 1RM)
2 Touch and Go PWR Snatch

C)10min EMOM
Max Push Ups
50 DBL Unders

Tuesday May 3rd 2016

A)48min Constant Movement at 75% Intensity
3min Air Bike
3min Row
3min Shuttle Run
1min Step Down Box Jumps
1min KB Russian Swings
30sec L Bridge
30sec R Bridge

Monday May 2nd 2016

A)Find a 1RM
1 Hang Clean to Thruster

B)12min EMOM
5 5" Deficit HSPU
5 Ring Rows (3/0/1/0 Tempo)

C)10min Air Bike at 75% effort