Friday April 29th 2022

 A)5min AMRAP
EMOM Cal BIke 
EMOM Burpees 5min Rest B)5min AMRAP 16 KB Russian Swings 100' Sled Push 5min Rest C)5min AMRAP EMOM Cal Row 10 DB Thrusters D)3RNDS 4min Ski @ Mod Int 400m Jog @ Mod Int

Thursday April 28th 2022

 A)6 Sets
10/sd Kneeling Single Arm Landmine SP 

B)6 Sets
100'Sled Pull 10/sd Single Arm DB Rows C)5RNDS 100' Front Rack Farmer Carry 100' Farmer Carry 10 Back Extensions

Wednesday April 27th 2022

6 TnG PWR Clean 1 PP
1 PJ
1 SJ

10 DB Parallel Skull Crushers 
10 Ez Bar Curls

10 RB Holding Leg Drops 
6-8/sd SPHLET

Tuesday April 26th 2022

10 Landmine Single Leg SLDL

Rev DH Pull Ups

10 Modified Rows
10 Back Extensions

Monday April 25th 2022

 A)6R (build to a moderate wt then begin)
4 PP

10 Inc DB CP
DBL Unders

10 DB Split Squats

Friday April 22nd 2022

 48min Constant Work
3min Row
3min AMRAP 
10 J.Lunges
5 Push Ups
3min Bike
3min AMRAP 
1 Rope Climbs
100' Sled Push 

Thursday April 21st 2022

8/sd Single Arm Ring Rows
Cal Bike 
B)6R 8 Prone Grip Dead Hang Pull Ups 8/sd Kneeling Landmine SP 
C)6R DBL Unders/Skips 8/sd SPET

Wednesday April 20th 2022

100' Sled Pull 

B)6R 8 Dips 8 GHD/10 Stability Ball Hamstring Curls 
4 L SAS/4 Single Arm KB Rows
4 R SAS/4 Single Arm KB Rows
8 RB Triceps Pushdowns

Tuesday April 19th 2022

 A)6R (build to a heavy wt)
8/sd BB Walking Lunges 
HSPU 8 Touch and go PWR Cleans B)6R (build to a heavy wt) 8 Incline BB Chest Press Alt Hanging Knees to Elbows

Thursday April 14th 2022

 For Time:
4x Cal Row 
80/60 EMOM 
J.Lunges 4x Cal Bike 4x EMOM Pull Ups/40 Ring Rows 4x Cal Ski 4x EMOM Burpees 5min Rest 2RNDS

Wednesday April 13th 2022

6/sd DB Split Squats B)6R 6/sd SA Landmine Kneeling SP
6 GHD HC C)6R 10 DB Thrusters EMOM Cal Ski

Tuesday April 12th 2022

6 Back Squats 6/sd SA DB Rows
100' Sled Pull 
Ring Dips

C)For Time:
50 Wall Balls
50/40 Cal Bike
50 Americanos

Monday April 11th 2022

4 KB Swing Cleans
4 KB Push Press
2 Front Squats
50 Skips/Crossovers B)6R 6 Bench Press 6 Prone Grip DH C2B Pull Ups C)6R T2B
100'/sd Single Arm DB Farmer Carry

Friday April 8th 2022

4min Ski
1min Walking Lunges
4min Bike 
30sec KB Americanos
30sec Burpees
4min Row
30sec Sit Ups
30sec TT Planks

Thursday April 7th 2022

6 Military Press
Kipping C2B

50' Rope Sled Pull
15 Russian KB Swings

6 Ez Bar Skull Crushers
6 BB Curls

Wednesday April 6th 2022

6 DL
6 Triceps Dips

B)6R Seated DB Supine To Prone Grip SP
6/sd Side Plank Elbow Touch 
C)6R 6/sd SA DB Rows 12 Back Extensions

Tuesday April 5th 2022

 A)18min EMOM
6/sd Swing Snatch 
6 Box Jumps Close Grip Push Ups B)E2M/6R 6/sd Single Leg SLDL C)FT: 5x DBL Unders 5x Cal Bike 5x Burpees

Monday April 4th 2022

6 Back Squats
DBL Unders/Skips

B)6R 6 Bench Press 6 Prone Grip DH C2B Pull Ups 
C)6R T2B
Wall Walks